What we do



Political pillar

Under this pillar these are what we do:

  1. County youth debates debates
  2. Youth Public debates (gumzo mtaani)
  3. county youth leadership and training programs

Economic pillar

To economically empower youth the organization is currently doing the following:

  1. County youth training/forums on attitudinal and mindset change in regards to informal job opportunities within our reach.
  2. Recruiting and training youth and youth groups on basic business startup and management skills
  3. 3)training the youth on the available and accessible simple business opportunities (handy works)e.g simple entrepreneurial ventures e.g liquid soap making, yogurt making,simple bakery units,bead making, mart making etc
  4. Helping the county establish light industries that are aimed at employing the youth through their management,production and supply levels.these light industries includes bread producing bakeries,toilet paper producing industries etc.
  5. Help in starting and running of agri-business ventures e.g poultry farming, rabbit farming etc.
  6. 6)internship program-together with our partners e.g huduma centre we are able to secure internship programs for our graduate members in this and other organizations we work with without a hustle.
  7. County youth exhibitions-in collaboration with the county government, we regularly hold exhibitions in the counties which has become a platform of which young and unreachable members of the society showcases their innovative brands across board.



Social pillar

This pillar aims at ensuring active participation of the youth on issues that are directly affecting the society e.g health and education. Through this pillar the organization also hopes to rope in the active participation of the youth  in activities that are aimed at promoting cohesion and integration within the communities thus a peaceful co existence. This pillar also provides a plat form for social economic empowerment of young people through nurturing their talents through sporting activities.

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